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Baseball player says going organic helped him more than his exercise routine

Tyler Collins, a 26-year-old American professional baseball player for the Detroit Tigers who is in the heat of the battle for the vacant center field spot, recently strained the lat muscle on his left side. The injured baseball player could still run and hit, but throwing was off limits. While he feels fine now, Collins has been put on a throwing program to get him back into shape as one of the top competitors for the center field position.

While it is horrible to struggle with an injury at this crucial moment in his career, Collins told the Michigan Live that he has full confidence in his ability to play in the field. According to Tigers manager Brad Ausmus, Collins hasn’t fallen behind in the center field race. Though he is still working on his throwing distance, Collins came to camp in great shape. Rather than thanking his excellent condition to a special exercise program, he attributes his progress to his girlfriend who made him eat an all-organic, healthy diet. (RELATED: read more about clean, organic foods at

“She’s all organic-everything, and it’s the best because I don’t have to do anything now,” he said. “‘Are you hungry?’ ‘Yeah, I’ll eat it. Because whatever’s going to come my way is what I need to be eating anyway.’ She’s great.”

The link between organic food and sporting performance

Whether you are a competing professional athlete, like Collins, or an amateur sports player, the foundation to an improved performance seems to be an organic diet packed with all the right and healthy foods. They’ll provide enough energy and nutrients to get into the best physical condition and achieve optimal weight.

Since the nutrients your body needs to provide the energy that allows your muscles to work come from the foods you eat, it is only logical that the quality of the food plays a vital role. Choosing food that has been organically farmed puts less strain on your internal systems since they are free from GMOs, harmful pesticides, additives, preservatives, food colorings, and other nasty chemicals that may affect athletic performance.

A well-balanced, wholesome diet should meet most of an athlete’s protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral needs to promote muscle growth and repair, while increasing stamina and endurance. Though organic foods are often hard on your wallet – the USDA found that the cost of organic produce is up to 30 percent more than conventional food – they are worth the extra expense.

Not only do they lower your exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other artificial ingredients, multiple studies have also shown that organic foods have healthier fats and more minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants than their conventionally grown counterparts.

Since you are training hard to enhance your performance, it also makes sense to improve your health at the same time. Next to feeding your body the right, organic nutrients, drinking plenty of clean, filtered water before, during, and after exercise is also of crucial importance when wanting to improve sporting performance.

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